What is a Partial Equity Purchase Partnership (PEPP)?

A Partial Equity Purchase Partnership (PEPP) allows the current owner of the asset to realize tax optimized liquidity today while still preserving an ownership stake in the investment. This uniquely unlocks the ability to sell additional pieces of equity depending on your future needs. You retain access to future appreciation and protect the ability to step-up basis down the road through this flexible partnership.

Do I still receive cash flows from my investment property?

Yes! That's what makes a partnership with Mallard so valuable. You maintain your percentage ownership in the property and let Mallard do the heavy lifting for property management and ongoing administration. Distributions are typically made on a quarterly basis.

Who manages the property?

Mallard assumes the responsibility of property management and will communicate any material updates to you on a regular basis. The monthly management fee will be paid out of the operating account tracked specifically for this property only.

Can I still partner with Mallard if I have debt on the property?

Yes. We will need to work directly with your lender, but more than likely this is possible.

Where does Mallard operate?

Mallard currently operates in Colorado and Texas. We are expanding quickly so if a partnership with Mallard sounds right for you, please get in touch.

Can I sell more equity to Mallard in the future?

Yes, absolutely. This is a valuable perk of partnering with Mallard. You are not obligated to sell more equity, but you have the option to. A new appraisal will be required if it has been more than three years from the previous Partial Equity Purchase.

Will Mallard sell the property without my permission?

No. Mallard Real Estate plans for a long term approach and will provide minimum timespans in which the property will not be sold without your permission.

Who will I work with at Mallard Real Estate?

You will be assigned an asset manager based on where the property is and you will be able to get a hold of them directly. No service desk or chatbots, just humans.

Will Mallard work with my accountant directly?

Yes. You can loop them in for our first conversation or more likely once we have a better understanding of your situation you will want them to verify our estimates.

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

No you do not.

What happens to the current tenants in my investment property?

They are good to stay and we will ask to update new lease rental agreement and register for the rent collection portal that Mallard uses. Your Mallard asset manager will handle this transition to ensure it runs smoothly.

Can I buy back Mallard's ownership percentage?

Yes. In the first three years you have the option to buy back our position using a predetermined schedule.