Individualized Options for the Independent Real Estate Investor

Tax optimized liquidity now, with flexibility for more in the future. 

All while maintaining access to cash flow and future appreciation. 

Selling Now Means:

triggering a large tax bill resulting in a lower return than you were expecting.

A Partnership With Mallard Means:

Cash Liquidity - Today

Depending on your overall tax profile, Mallard works with you to curate the optimal investment size to realize liquidity by selling a portion of your appreciated equity to us.

Tax Optimization

Mallard pays careful attention to each acquisition so that your tax burden can be reduced, if not eliminated entirely, depending on your tax profile.

Retained Access to Future Appreciation

Mallard will invest in a piece of the overall asset, becoming your partner. This means the percentage of the asset you retain gains you continued access to future appreciation.

Continued Cash Flow

Since you are still an investor in the property, you continue to receive your proportional share of the cash flow! Mallard handles the administration and you receive your mailbox money.

No More Property Management Headaches

Property management will be handled by Mallard so you no longer have to worry about anything from documents to leaky plumbing.

Protecting Ability to Step-Up Basis in the Future

You've likely heard that the best way to maximize value and generational wealth for your family is to hold on to this investment that you've worked so hard to manage for many years. This will allow your heirs to receive a Stepped-Up Cost Basis. Mallard unlocks a new approach so you realize cash now while protecting your family's ability to Step-Up the Cost Basis upon inheritance.